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Trying my arm at animation

On my doormat when I came home from work today was a small little black box that I had purchased from  Inside it contained a coil of aluminium wire, some screws, joints, butterfly nuts and a couple of super magnets.

Once the kids were in bed and one can of larger later, I got out my wire cutters and built myself an armature, or a wire skeleton. I plan to use this to practice my animation skills for a project I will be doing in the summer with a group of students.  Most of the animation I have done over the past few years has been done using Adobe’s Flash, so it’s time for a change.

I did a quick test (and I mean quick) on my dining room table using my built in isight camera on my Mac and I Can Animate.  Here are the results:

My first thoughts are that it was very easy to manipulate and it held the shapes well. I look forward to covering the armature with Plasticine to see how well it moves then.

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